RE-CO BKLYNLive Edge Slabs

RE-CO BKLYN produces live edge slabs from fallen New York City trees reclaimed from the wastestream. Here you can find an updated list of all our slabs for sale with high resolution photos, dimensions, pricing and even a map of where the tree once stood. We carry many northeastern hardwoods such as walnut, oak, cherry, maple, hickory and much more!

To set up an appointment to visit our showroom, or to contact us about a custom order, email us at or give us a call at 347-770-5002.


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Oak (Red)

flitch id 102

sourced from

Glen Cove, NY

Kiln Dried

Immediately after Hurricane Sandy, our phone started ringing off the hook. Tree services all over the area were looking to offload logs from piles up to 30 feet tall! This Red Oak log came from a tree service that works out of Glen Cove, NY who was one of the first to call. We took a couple trips to their log pile, marked what we wanted and had 20 logs delivered with their 50 yard truck.