Guanacaste (Parota) - 2006

Our Guanacaste (known in some areas as "Parota") slabs are sourced from Costa Rica and are harvested using sustainable methods. The trees are selectively chosen and cut by an engineer from the Costa Rican Ministry of Forestry. Trees that are dead or at the end of their life are tagged via GPS and a license is issued by the government. The criteria for selection is strict and includes limitations such as proximity to watersheds and trees necessary for future forest reproduction. In addition, a license called a GUIA is issued that is linked to all issued tags. Trucks carring logs out of the jungle are inspected to make sure they have GUIA for every log on the truck. The Ministry of Forestry inspect our sawmill twice a week to make sure every log has a GUIA. All it takes is one illegal log in the yard to get shutdown. These practices ensure that all of our Guanacaste slabs were responsibly harvested.

Kiln Dried

sourced from
Costa Rica


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